March 2010

A great short novel about flying: Saint-Exupery Night Flight

I have recently read –  after a long time of wanting to do so- Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s Night Flight (original french: Vol de Nuit). Most people know Saint-Exupéry as the author of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) but the rest… Continue Reading →

What is to come in aviation: hydrogen engines

In the last decades there have not been significant advances in airplanes engines. While in the 1980’s jet propulsion engines were improved and widely introduced in the airplane market, there have not been significant advances since then. Even some designs… Continue Reading →

Business Travel Stress & Planes

It is a proven fact that business travel causes stress. It is not hard to figure out why it causes stress for anyone who has experienced airport delays, long travel hours on crowded planes with minimum personal space, and that… Continue Reading →