July 2010

Heavy Rains slow down search efforts at Pakistan crash site

The worst is being experienced at the Pakistan crash site near Islamabad where consistent rain and fog are hampering recovery efforts.

Its official: Bournemouth Air Festival confirmed for August 19

How would you typically like to spend the school holidays with your friends and family? An outing or a trip to an entertaining place with your loved ones is usually an attractive option.  I guess, a stopover to the ‘Bournemouth… Continue Reading →

Solar powered plane completes 26-hour flight successfully

A solar powered plane designed to fly round-the-clock without traditional fuels has completed its 26-hour flight after flying continuously through the night.

Is Britain’s decision of restricting Airport Growth really going to Aid climate?

These days, ‘Binge Flying’ is creating hype in Britain’s aviation industry. The recent action taken by Britain’s coalition government for the sake of the environment protection by refusing to build new runways around London to accommodate more planes is creating… Continue Reading →

Google to buy ITA software

Google has bought Massachusetts-based ITA software firm for $700m (£460m) to make it convenient for users to search for specific flight information on its highly-dominant search engine.