February 2015

World’s most expensive private planes

When it comes to celebrities and business industry, private charter planes and private jet charter are more common. Charter planes exude luxury, style and class and when the rich charter a plane..

Surf Air founders take off with all-you-can-fly private flight service Beacon

Surf Air’s charter planes avoid the congested airports, and instead identify landing areas that are used at ten percent of their capacity. The plane hire is useful since the Los Angeles and San Francisco area is one of the most highly trafficked in the world.

JetBlue becomes first airline to accept Apple Pay support

Starting next week, Apple Pay is all pumped up to take off with JetBlue, facilitating iPhone 6 owners to make in-flight purchases and onboard amenities with a single touch.

Qatar Airways Buys Stake In IAG

Qatar Airways, one of the leading plane operators in the aviation industry, recently purchased a 1.7 billion dollar stake in British Airways-parent International Consolidated Airlines Group according to the Wall Street Journal.