April 2015

Risks Involved in Hiring Charter and Private Aircraft

Although it may seem like it would be safer to utilize a charter plane for private jet charter, there are inherently more risks associated with flying in this manner over commercial airlines.

Busy College Hopefuls Now Tour Campuses by Jet

Jet hire, a longstanding part of the aviation industry, has now been customized for prospective college students and their families by Magellan Jets, which offers tailored private jet charter to and from campuses.


The trauma of travelling can be lessened for a pet by booking a private jet where the pet will travel in the lulling presence of his owner.

Privatized Air Travel in 2015

Augusta Regional Airport reported 2,034 private jets landed and took off during last year’s Masters Tournament in August, GA”. This year, they expect the number to be closer to 3,000.