May 2015

The Sweet Sensation Of A Private Flight

Did you dream of traveling to great destinations in a private jet with your loved one by your side? With the sole purpose of providing a memorial trip to some lucky winner Cadbury has decided to make it interesting to chocolate lovers.

Private Air Travel: It’s Possible For More People Now

Surf Air is only one of another class of organizations that are looking to upset the private plane market by making private air more accessible to the general public.

Biofuel discovery could soon power jet planes

Jet fuel can be made using a fungus found in soil, rotting fruits and decaying leaves.

McCarran International Airport Flooded With Private Jets For MayPac Fight

Over the weekend in Las Vegas, the billed “Fight of the Century” took placed between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the MGM Grand. Speculation and rumors about whether or not the fight would or would not take place… Continue Reading →