June 2015

The New Invention Of Bio-fueled Jet Planes

After thorough research and survey, biofueled jet planes have proven to be very effective, and environmental-friendly in the aviation industry.

Who Needs A Helicopter Pad When The Upper Deck Of Your Yacht Is A Plane?

The Monaco 2050 is a superyacht whose top deck can take off and land like a Harrier Jump Jet or F-35 fighter plane.

NASA Goes Green After Funding Research for Eco-Friendly Passenger Planes

NASA, the US space agency prominently known for breaking air speed records, rejuvenated supersonic passenger travel with a reported investment of $6 million.

ACJ320neo – Redefining Corporate Jet Standards

Acropolis Aviation has just signed a deal with Airbus stating that they will be the launch customer of the new ACJ320neo, said to be entering service early 2020.