July 2015

Jay Z, Saudi Princes Make Big Investments in Private Jet App

JetSmarter, an app that lets people book on-demand private jets is having a field day since it has just raised $20 million not from obvious venture capitalists but from a distinguished group of investors that includes Saudi royalty and famous celebrities.

Victor Acquires YoungJets, Secures Additional Funding From Investors

A UK-based charter service, Victor is a 3-year old company that recently secured $5 million in funding from investors and also completed the acquisition of US based charter company YoungJets.

How 3D Printing Parts Will Cut Down Aircraft Weight By Up to 7 Percent

Recent research has shown that 3D printed parts can significantly bring down the weight of the aircraft therefore reducing the aircraft’s overall fuel consumption.

Plastic Planes for a Greener Future!

The aviation industry is taking a hit for being a big contributor to global warming. The industry releases more CO2 that is needed. However, experts are working on ways to minimize the release of this gas.

Will An Uber-Like Company Lead To Affordable Private Jets For The Masses?

By now, industry experts and consumers alike know Uber’s impact upon the taxi industry. Is the aviation industry the next travel sector to see an Uber-like service?