April 2016

Successful People Manage Their Valuable Time with Private Jets

Cost reduction and maximizing income through effective time management has become a success mantra in today’s Jet age.

When time is a valuable asset and the fact that it cannot be recovered at any cost, travelling on private jets becomes a necessity for the top business executives and state heads. All the top companies in the United States use small business jets to do so.

World’s Most Expensive Luxury Private Jets as of Year 2016

It’s a well known fact that private jets are expensive and only rich people or big corporate houses afford them, they are full of luxuries and more over many times suiting individual needs of the owner. The rich, privileged persons thus can travel anytime, anywhere without any hassles at airports.

JetSuiteX opens private jet travel to aspirational audience

Private air-charter leaders JetSuite announced the launch of a private jet with its new brand JetSuiteX. JetSuite is a California-based private jet charter company which was founded in 2006 and began flying in the year 2009.