August 2016

The Changing Trends in Private Jet Travel

The private aviation business is not just about possessing and renting a jet. Many variables such as where you are flying, how big a jet you really need or do you really need a full jet to fly for you alone on board, do you need different jet types for different mission / places, how important is cost…

The Netflix of Air Travel – Surf Air comes to Europe

Surf Air a California-based company offers members unlimited luxury travel in exchange for fixed a monthly fee. It is in operation since 2013. Surf Air describes this unlimited-consumption model as “the Netflix of air travel.” Its US operation has approximately 3,000 members and operates almost 90 flights a day..

Are Jet Cards changing Private Aviation Trends?

The jet card provides access to private planes for a flat fee. Clients possessing jet card programs are able to book a flight on the company jet anytime, anywhere, with very short notice.