January 2017

Private Jet Charters Booming With On-Demand Availability

Private jetting experience has opened a whole new market with aviation mavericks offering services which are no longer the privilege of A-listers. Within minutes you can book a charter flight on your iPhone for a hugely reasonable price. You can Uber pool and check out what’s available to the destination of your choice.

Fly on Private Jet for just $29

Commercial flying experience spells time to travel, arriving at the airport an hour before your flight, check-in time, security check up time, and so on. Now, picture a private jet experience, which can extend you comfort, a super-reasonable fare set at $29.

Free Wi-Fi on JetBlue and Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines and JetBlue are offering free internet to their passengers which will certainly help to pass the long hours in the flight more easily.

Inventions That can make Flying Better

Read on to know more about the new developments that will be introduced in the coming years which will make travelling by air a lot more cosy affair.