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Private Jet Charters Booming With On-Demand Availability

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017
Credit: Fly Victor

Credit: Fly Victor

Private jetting experience has opened a whole new market with aviation mavericks offering services which are no longer the privilege of A-listers. Within minutes you can book a charter flight on your iPhone for a hugely reasonable price. You can Uber pool and check out what’s available to the destination of your choice.  (more…)

Fly on Private Jet for just $29

Thursday, January 19th, 2017


Commercial flying experience spells time to travel, arriving at the airport an hour before your flight, check-in time, security check up time, and so on. Now, picture a private jet experience, which can extend you comfort, a super-reasonable fare set at $29, and also allowing you to arrive just 15 minutes before departure. The good part of this private jet experience it is not reserved just for the A-listers and is definitely worth an experience. (more…)

Free Wi-Fi on JetBlue and Alaska Airlines

Thursday, January 12th, 2017
Credit: Public Domain/stevepb

Credit: Public Domain/stevepb

Travelling on an airplane has changed tremendously in the recent years and more significance is given to the comfort factor. The year 2017 is believed to be a potential year for the aviation industry and many big changes are expected to happen.

One such improvement is that you can now access the internet, send messages, tweet and also be present on the social media while being on your flight. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue are offering free internet to their passengers which will certainly help to pass the long hours in the flight more easily. This move will be a relief for those passengers who are always online and cannot bear to be disconnected from the virtual world.

JetBlue airlines are presenting the Fly-Fi service which is touted to be the first ‘free high-speed Wi-Fi at every seat’. This service is sponsored by Amazon and will feature shows from Amazon Video, shopping and also a variety of messenger platforms.

Many airlines like the Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and Japan Airlines charge a fee for the passengers to access the internet. Norwegian, a long-haul airline provides cost-free Wi-Fi, but this service is limited only to the flights within Europe and between the USA and the Caribbean.

Granting internet access on the flights will have a booming impact on the airline business and people will definitely prefer flights with Wi-Fi over others.

Inventions That can make Flying Better

Thursday, January 5th, 2017


Ait travel has improved greatly in many ways, but there is always a chance for development. Travelling by aeroplanes is comfortable enough but the cabins can certainly become warmer and softer and the planes faster. Read on to know more about the new developments that will be introduced in the coming years which will make travelling by air a lot more cosy affair. (more…)