April 2017

Planes Set to be Made from Wonder Material Graphene

A new prospect of planes being made entirely from Graphene – the wonder material in 10 years was raised by Sir Richard Branson. This is in the backdrop of the airline industry fighting a 50% increase in fuel in the last 12 months and a need felt for lighter fleets.

Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers

The controversial case of passenger bumping is still being condemned worldwide, and in the aftermath, federal Transport Minister, Marc Garneau, stated that a legislation which will address the rights of airline passengers would be in place later this spring. Although… Continue Reading →

Why Do Planes Maintain High Altitudes and Fly at 35000 feet?

It is a thrill to see an airplane cruising and maintain high altitudes, flying at 35,000 feet. Have you wondered what could be the reason for high altitude flights? Why do planes fly so high?

Extraordinary Airlines Around the World

Let us check out some unusual and entertaining airlines which give you a fun flight.