May 2017

What Food to Eat and Avoid on a Flight?

Are you travelling on a plane and wondering what you should eat and avoid? Here are some scientific insights on in-flight meals which will throw some light on whether you enjoy a meal or stay satisfied for the duration of a particular flight.

How Much Do You Need To Shell Out To Fly With Your Pet?

Is it possible to save money when your furry pet friends fly on a Private Jet? The National Pet Week was celebrated from May 7-13, and it is probably the right time to think about pros-and-cons of flying your pets commercially.

All Hail the ‘Flying Penthouse’ in London

The VVIP Dreamliner B787 Dreamjet is being compared to a lavish penthouse thanks to its astounding facilities and luxuries.

The Best Onboard Bars in the Airplanes

Onboard bars in airplanes are an amazing place to hang out or mingle. The first and business class bars onboard experience is customer-centric and getting more lavish.