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Sci-fi Inspired Experimental Airplane Flies Silently

Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Credit: MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative

Aircraft have always flown with a whining buzz due to moving parts like turbine blades, propellers, or fans over 100 years. Now a nearly silent, drone-size aircraft has been built and flown by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers with no moving parts. The light aircraft is powered by an ‘ionic wind’, which is a silent flow of ions that are produced aboard the plane generating sufficient thrust to propel the plane and maintain a steady flight. (more…)

New Pilatus PC-24s Boosts Emergency Ward in the Sky

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Air ambulance. Credit: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Time is a crucial aspect for critical care patients. And, patients in regional Australia will soon experience the benefit of getting treated by doctors on medical jets, which would be a genuine time-and-life saviour. The Swiss company, Pilatus has reportedly spent around three years designing the $13 million purpose-built jets for Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). And, the PC-24s have been developed in partnership with Swiss engineering and completions company Aerolite AG. (more…)