Big Game Air – Private Jet Service For Passionate Sports Fans

Big Game Air aims to serve the passionate sports fans a luxury travel experience on the game day with same day return. The Chicago based new startup is founded by Arturo Gomez, former president at Rockit Ranch Productions, and Todd Rubin, owner of the Leader Bar Chicago.

The idea for such a startup struck Gomez in the year 2016. He was keen to watch the Big Ten football game in Iowa City. But his wife put him a condition that he can go only if he promises to return the same day. He and his friend Rubin, somehow managed to convince their friends to fill Falcon 900 12-seater jet and reached back home same day night. That’s how the duo decided to venture Big Game Air. It will take-off its first flight from Chicago in September 2017. The company’s maiden flight will be on  September 9 for the game between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus, Ohio. They have opened an office at WeWork in River North.

Big Game Air has tied up with nearly 20 private jet companies such as Chicago-based Priester Aviation.  They either own private planes or manage to hire aircraft for private owners. The planes will accommodate minimum 9 to maximum 30 people onboard. As per the Big Game website, the individual seats will cost between $1,200 and $2,220 in most of the cases, depending upon the distance. The price will include in-flights snacks, limited alcoholic beverages and transportation to and from the game. Occasionally it can have pre-game parties and sports celebrities onboard. Another major advantages these avid fans will have are, as they are flying private, they can pull up to the gate, usually parking for free at the airports for private flyers, show the gate agent your identity proof, board the flight and take off avoiding long lines for boarding and delays at security gates.

Initially, the flight options are from Chicago, Columbus, Detroit and New York City, offering services to major sports-centric cities such as Green Bay, Iowa City, Lincoln, and Ann Arbor. They plan to expand regional markets in the year 2018 depending upon the response and commercial viability.

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