Busy College Hopefuls Now Tour Campuses by Jet

Credits: Magellanjets.com

Jet hire, a longstanding part of the aviation industry, has now been customized for prospective college students and their families by Magellan Jets, which offers tailored private jet charter to and from campuses.

Customers purchase a ten-hour flight card from the company and then use it to charter a plane. Families can then take advantage of the increased travel efficiency charter planes afford and the extras Magellan includes to visit multiple campuses and locales each day. Magellan creates a detailed, unique itinerary for each customer, and those who want to see as many college possibilities as possible can request their itineraries to include three or four campus visits a day, complete with ground transportation and private tours by hired drivers and guides.

This should appeal to families and single students with little time and lots to see. Plane charter lets customers skip long lines at the airport, and the ground services Magellan includes eliminate the hassle of navigating unfamiliar places and getting one’s bearings.

For a ten-hour flight card the cost is a little over forty thousand dollars. This won’t be a service everyone uses, but those who can afford it will have to weigh the cost of efficiency against the high costs of tuition. Busy students and families may find that, at roughly the cost of a year at school without room and board, plane hire is worth it. Others will have to rely on regular air and ground travel, guidebooks, and a little luck.

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