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The Effect of Plane Contrails on Global Warming

Did you know that Greenhouse gas emissions are not the only contributors to global warming? The wispy white lines that we see on a bright clear day signify the recent flight of an airline. And these white condensation trails, also… Continue Reading →

Five Air Travel Trends for 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 was just the beginning of a massive overhaul for airline companies all over the world. 2022 was no different, as companies began their flight routes but fell short on handling the ‘global luggage… Continue Reading →

Airplane Mode Off: EU Set to Allow Calls on Flights

Flyers may not need to turn airplane mode on their smartphones or other electronic gadgets. In the coming months, it will no longer be mandatory on flights in the European Union (EU). The European Commission ruled that airlines offer 5G… Continue Reading →

Can Double Decker Airplane Seats be the Future of Air Travel?

Can an extended period of travel in the air test one’s endurance! Not anymore, as one aeroplane seat designer believes that his design could trailblaze budget travel. Alejandro Núñez Vicente’s Chaise Longue Airplane Seat was nominated for the 2021 Crystal… Continue Reading →

Top Reasons to Sit in the Aisle Seat on Planes

Air travellers typically have the enduring question to answer – window or aisle seat. While planes are flying less full, passengers who prefer the aisle seats may just get their pick. Window proponents may still skip the choice to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Exciting Facts of the US Space Force’s X-37B Space Plane

Robotic X-37B had its most recent mission, the sixth flight for the military space place. The X-37B remains a classified project and is one of the most intriguing spaceships in the world. Here’s a look at some amazing facts about… Continue Reading →