Cutting Costs While Flying Privately

Credit: Creative Commons/Cory W. Watts

Credit: Creative Commons/Cory W. Watts

The Aviation industry much like the automobile industry presents a variety of options for its clients of all cadres. Options range from the routine commercial flights, which are relatively affordable for a majority of people, to purchasing a private jet. Having your private plane allows you to change your schedule while not worrying about missing flights. Flexibility is especially important for business tycoons who frequently have to adjust their plans. Also, they allow one to land closer to their desired destination saving on their precious time as these are smaller jets. Also it can be an office away from office.

While many people would like to travel while enjoying all the luxury that comes with a private jet, this is more often a preserve of the very wealthy. The cost of a new private jet typically ranges from between three million and ninety million dollars. Additionally costs like maintenance, high insurance fees, hangar fees and salary of crew members, airport fees and so on. Hence, unless you are a big corporation or among the top fraction of the richest people in the world, it would not be possible for you to even consider buying a private jet.

A cheaper alternative exists which involves acquiring a plane charter. The cost ranges from as little as five thousand dollars to well over one hundred thousand dollars per hour depending upon your requirements of amenities. These can come with a crew that works around the clock to fulfill your wishes. Also, because you are paying for a plane and not a single seat, it means chartering a plane for a large group of people may cost even less per individual than buying a business class ticket for each of them for regional travel. Apart from this, if you want to save more money while enjoying private travel, some companies offer private charter services without all the extra luxury at relatively more affordable costs. Some firms also offer empty-leg flights at discounted rates. All in all, flying is an expensive affair, and private travel is still a preserve of the wealthy.

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