BA World Class

Credit: British Airways

British Airways’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes are featured to make passengers feel fresher at the end of the flight. Now, isn’t that a wonderful feature! BA’s Boeing 787-9 aircraft has been in service since late 2015, and the fleet serves destinations ranging from Beijing, Atlanta to Toronto. The planes are innovative and include an advanced pressurisation system making the internal cabin altitude lesser than other aircraft. Let’s explore the Club World (Business-class) flight.
On arrival at the airport, and completion of the security and clearance formalities, get ready to be ushered in and enjoy the pre-departure drinks like water, juice, champagne, and newspapers.

The Seating
Aboard BA’s Dreamliner 787-9 Club World cabin is like two cabins that are divided by a galley. The rows 6 and 7 can accommodate around 14 fliers. And, a smaller section adjoins an eight-person first-class cabin and extends from rows 10 to 13, and the larger section can seat around 28 fliers. In both cabins, the seats are configured to 2x3x2 and every second seat faces backward.

The yin-yang configuration of seats implies that neighbouring travellers can look at each other. However, after take-off, a divider can easily be raised via a button which works as a barrier if a passenger chooses privacy over facing a stranger. The seats are quite comfortable and can easily be converted into a full-flat bed. Apart from which, there is a drawer at the base of the seat, which can store a laptop, reading materials, or wash bag. Passengers would be provided with a pillow, a soft-woven blanket, a bespoke duvet, and more.

The friendly crew are exuberant and experienced and are known to make the flying experience warm and informal.

The in-flight entertainment options are wide-ranging. Fliers can enjoy the 10.4-inch screen with on-demand films ranging from classics to international releases. If they wish to plug into work can enjoy the access to one power point and two USB sockets.

Food and Drink Service
The food and drink service created by expert chefs, which starts shortly after take-off is par excellence and suits all tastes and diets. The fliers get a choice of a hearty meal with scrumptious dessert options. So, from mouth-watering starters, fresh seasonal salad, to wholesome mains, followed by tea, coffee, and chocolate, the fliers can have a wonderful spread of food and drink options. Apart from which the full bar service is open through the flight.

Enjoy exploring on-time flights and a friendly crew, aboard a great aircraft.