Flight tickets have plenty of codes, letters, and numbers. As you glance through the singular letters, you may be baffled. However, to the cabin crew staff, your boarding pass would be a key to revealing more about a passenger. Wondering how? Keep reading as we explore what the letters found on the boarding pass signify.

The boarding pass is a check-in document and you will find your flight number, the flight timings, and the boarding gates information printed on the small piece of paper. As a flyer, when you hand over this pass to a cabin crew staff they would be able to decipher much more including the luxuries you will enjoy as a passenger.

Let’s start with this special code, which signifies Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS). The code was designed by the USA’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for flights using American airspace and added to travellers deemed suspicious. So, if the code is found on the boarding pass of a flyer, then the authorities may frisk the passenger through additional security checks. Apart from which, the flyer would not be able to print the boarding pass at home or check-in at a kiosk. And, the traveller would need to visit a counter for the passport to be checked.

The letters B H M Y on the boarding pass signifies the most basic class, and stand for the economy seats.

The letter E stands for Premium Economy, which is somewhere in between the basic and first class. A passenger having this letter on the boarding pass may get a few extras like a free drink or meal.

If a flyer has bought a seat at a discounted rate, then the letter would appear on the boarding pass. The letter also signifies an economy ticket. And, the flyer would not get any additional privileges or a free upgrade.

The letters C or J indicates Business class flyers. This could also imply that the flyer has an account with the airline or is a frequent traveller.

If a flyer is having the letters A, F, or P on the ticket, then this will indicate first class implying the best service on the flight.

So, the next time you get your boarding pass, you will know what services to ask for.