Fly Business Class Without Actually Paying For It


Credit: Public Domain/Jeshoots

It’s a fact that flying business class or first class has a lot more benefits and advantages compared to flying economy class. Amenity kits, pyjamas, china crockery and fine wine & dine etc. are provided to the business or first class flyers. More important than these is the passenger’s condition on arrival, especially on long haul flights. The passengers travelling by business or first class arrive relaxed, but the economy class flyers arrive in tired and worn out condition.

It is also true that everyone cannot afford to travel by business or first class due to the difference in the fares. Normally the top corporate executives, whose fare is paid by the company and wealthy individuals can afford to travel by this class.

Following are few tips and suggestions which can be helpful for an individual to avail cheaper first class fare

  • Online upgrade auctions by the airlines- If there are few empty seats in the premium class on the particular flight you are flying, many airlines offer online auctions allowing an economy class passenger to bid for an upgrade to business and first class, and these fares are well within reach. This gives a dual advantage to airlines as well as passengers.
  • Choose Lesser Known Airlines – It’s true that a particular route is dominated by major carriers. But not so popular airlines undercut them by offering very cheap fares for the premium class. Before booking, one has to ensure that the facilities offered by these “offbeat” airlines in premium class are in line with those of major airlines.
  • Split Tickets for the same travel – Try splitting your journey and buying separate tickets for the same travel, this can reduce business class fare significantly. Example if one is travelling from Australia – Perth to London. One can buy a ticket from Perth to some country in Asia say Singapore and then buy a separate ticket from Singapore to London. For this one has to spend a little extra time.
  • Buy tickets from Business Class Consolidators who have access to “unpublished” premium airfares and they offer up to 20% to 50% on airfare! Be careful as there are some fraudsters too.

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