Citation Longitude

Citation Longitude. Credit: Textron Aviation Inc.

Textron Aviation’s Citation Longitude exuberates with elegance and style. Fliers would love the handcrafted wood carpentry, and the high-tech digital inputs, and bespoke interiors. The private jet’s fit and finish are par excellence and the jet has already revolutionised business aviation.

The Longitude gives more range, greater payload, and immense cruise speed, which fliers would be elated with. Powered by two FADEC-equipped Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines, the private jet boasts of offering industry-leading fuel efficiency. The 73ft 2in (22.30 m) jet with a wingspan of 68ft 11in (21.01 m) can take a Maximum Takeoff Weight 39,500 lb (17,917 kg) and has the Maximum Limit Speed as 0.84 Mach. The cross-section of the fuselage is said to be the same as that of Citation Latitude aircraft, and the Longitude is said to feature a T-shaped tail, which breaks the conventional tail design adopted by the Latitude.

With a seating of 12 passengers, the Longitude is designed with fully berthable seat options, state-of-the-art cabin technology enabling fliers to enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment to the fullest. The jet also includes high-speed internet connectivity, and exciting range of options including satellite radios, Blu-ray players, and external cameras which enhances the in-flight productivity. Fliers would also love the spacious cockpit and the ergonomic design which adds to the comfort and efficiency.

What’s more amazing about the jet is the stand-up, 31 feet of flat floor cabin, which can be customised to any style exceeding the first-class comfort. Apart from which, the pilots have the option of using the latest Garmin G5000 touchscreen navigation and communication systems, and Linnux’s fully integrated and most advanced diagnostic system. The Citation Longitude is capable of performing with the lowest cabin altitude in its class at under 6,000ft, and that too at low operating costs.

After circumnavigating the globe, the Cessna Citation Longitude has already impressed customers with its 31,000 nautical miles of travel across 12 countries. The stunningly capable jet with its brilliant performance and reliability reiterates performing in diverse regions and myriad environmental conditions.