Gulfstream Declared as the Official Private Aircraft of the FIP

Credit: Creative Commons/WPPilot

Credit: Creative Commons/WPPilot

Gulfstream Aerospace has added one more feather to its cap, it has been declared as the Official Private Aircraft for the Federation of International Polo (FIP). The Federation of International Polo is the organisation that governs about 80 countries in which Polo is being played.

The President of the Federation, Nicholas Colquhoun-Denvers has quoted that they are very happy with ‘the synergy between two such exclusive worlds’. On the other hand the Senior Vice President, Gulfstream, Scott Neal has stated that the company is honoured to be a part of the Federation of International Polo. He further added that Gulfstream creates and conveys the world’s finest aviation experience, so their mission’s values correspond with those of the Federation of International Polo, who endeavour to deliver the best to their members.

More about Gulfstream

A subsidiary of General Dynamics, America’s aerospace and defence company, the Gulfstream designs, manufactures and markets business jet aircraft services. Since 1958, they have manufactured more than 2,000 airliners, which include the Gulfstream G600, and G650 along with G150, G280, G350, G450, G500 and G550. More than 40 countries work with Gulfstream jets, and they have their presence not only in administrative transportation, but also in medical evacuation, cargo and workforce transportation, maritime and aerial explorations and even pilot and astronaut training. Gulfstream Aerospace has served the U.S. military also.

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