Travelling with pets.

Credit: Public Domain/judythb2

Is it possible to save money when your furry pet friends fly on a Private Jet? The National Pet Week was celebrated from May 7-13, and it is probably the right time to think about pros-and-cons of flying your pets commercially.

According to sources, the bookings from customers of the On-demand private jet charter for their pets increased to around 11.3% last year. Are you a pet parent who is concerned about the treatment of pets by airlines? Here are some ratings for you, United Airlines stands at (2.5 out of 5), Delta Air Lines (2.3 out of 5), and American Airlines (2.9 out of 5). JetBlue acclaimed for customer service rates at 3.

So, how much would it cost to fly your furry friend privately? According to sources, there are no set fees for pets, but if your pet dog or cat causes any damage to the plane, then you would be responsible for paying to fix it. It is also reported that operators have a right with terms to charging a fee for bringing pets, but many of them choose not to charge. This is reiterated by Nicholas Air which confirmed that they loved pets and welcomed them on board at no additional fees. Private Jet Serves (PJS) Group said that pets were members of the family and were allowed to fly with PJS at no extra charge.

Some online booking services have the comments section where pet parents can specify the type and number of pets they are bringing along. This information helps the operator to cater to their clients. Customers can also request for specifics like gourmet dog food, which will make sure that your pet is treated with his favoured food delights. Operators are known to have flown from falcons to pugs, Leonberger dogs, and bunny rabbits. The good news for pet parents backed by researched data premised on pet policies and prepaid block charger programs spells that aviation love pets.

The commercial airline’s fees vary based on whether your pet is in the cabin with you or not. The charges vary from $125 each way or higher and also accounts for the weight of the pet and inclusion of the kennel. Flying your pet friend privately is reportedly cheaper. You will in all probability be paying around $5,000 t0 $10,000 per hour to charter the plane.