Ait travel has improved greatly in many ways, but there is always a chance for development. Traveling by airplanes is comfortable enough but the cabins can certainly become warmer and softer and the planes faster. Read on to know more about the new developments that will be introduced in the coming years which will make travelling by air a lot more cosy affair.

1) An Office in the Air

It will be soon possible to have a full-fledged Wi-Fi, you can have phone conversations mid-air, etc. The Ka-band systems and aerodynamic mounted antennae will make the internet 10 times faster and more efficient.

2) Lightings

Many airlines have adopted calming LED lights that help the travellers to relax. Virgin Atlantic is already ahead in its fancy lighting spaces and now Airbus and Boeing are also on its way.

3) Comfortable Seats

Heating and cooling seats are the newest inventions by which you can get comfortable by adjusting the temperature of your seats. Experts like Fraunhofer IBP, Panasonic and Gentherm are working on it and we can expect the newly designed seats in four or five year’s time.

4) Virtual Reality

You can also have headset and 3D film kits to enjoy your favourite Hollywood movie. So even if you have the middle seat or the one near the bathrooms you can still have a pleasant flight.

So, with the help of all these modern amenities, you can have a safe as well as enjoyable journey.