JetBlue becomes first airline to accept Apple Pay support

Creative Commons / Rich Snyder

Here’s some good news for frequent fliers. In case you still haven’t, JetBlue has just given you a reason to upgrade to an iPhone 6. Starting next week, Apple Pay is all pumped up to take off with JetBlue, facilitating iPhone 6 owners to make in-flight purchases and onboard amenities with a single touch. They will be able to purchase snacks, drinks as well as upgrade to available premium seats, too. As of now, this service is possible only on transcontinental flights between New York’s JFK and San Francisco and Los Angeles airports. But more destinations are expected to be included by June.

Passengers using credit cards are aware of the inconvenience it possesses while paying for in-flight purchases. Pulling out the card out of their wallet or grappling with a purse under the seat can be difficult for the passenger. However, Apple Pay promises a quick and easy experience. It will not only speed up the payment processing but accelerate the food service for everyone on the plane.

Around 3,500 JetBlue flight attendants will be trained to use customized iPad Minis and accept payments made through Apple Pay. Besides the digital wallet service, the tablet can also process regular credit cards. More than 750 banks and Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have offered support to Apple Pay.

In April, when the Apple Watch hits the market, passengers wearing the watch will also be able to make in-flight purchases from their wrists.

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