Lilium Jet

Credit: Lilium GmbH

If you are a business tycoon or an elite rich or very high profile celebrity who has a mansion with a huge garden having open space (flat land) of 15 meters x 15 meters, then you can take off from there and there itself to reach 300 kms or 180 miles, with an hour’s time from the second you decide to do so. Lilium an electric operated private jet or a Flying car.

Lilium Aviation – a project launched in Germany in the year 2015 by four aspiring young engineers Daniel Wiegand, Patrick Nathen, Sebastian Born and Matthias Meiner, from Munich’s Technical University and is backed by the European Space Agency (ESA). The Lilium Jet will be the world’s first vertical take- off and landing (VTOL) personal aircraft. “Start your journey from anywhere and travel faster and more elegantly than in your boldest dreams”, is the tagline by Lilium Aviation.

Lilium Jets

Credit: Lilium GmBH

The Lilium Jet is a 100% electric short-haul jet and almost fulfilling the promises of the electric flying car. CEO Daniel Wiegand, also a co-founder, exclaims “our goal is to develop an aircraft for use in everyday life”! The problem with today’s personal aviation or private jet industry is the availability of airports and the expenses / overheads incurred in operating from them. Also, these are quite far off from the city centers. Avoiding this was one of the major inspirations behind floating of Lilium Aviation, further says CEO Daniel Wiegand.

Lilium Jets parked

Credit: Lilium GmBH

The concept of this aircraft by Lilium Aviation promises flight without flight infrastructure of the airports. Though in the initial stages its take-off and landing will be restricted from the airfields only. But the company’s officials believe that it would practically take -off and land anywhere. Just a flat surface of 225 square meters, that’s all what it needs. It’s a two-seater electric aircraft designed especially for personal use and entertainment purpose. It will be ultra light weight jet with 600 kg max take-off weight.

Lilium, when comes into operation in January 2018, will be the first completely environment-friendly, flexible private jet. The Lilium Aviation team also claims it to be very economical too. Though it will take off and land like helicopter once it’s airborne the engines will enable it to fly like any other conventional fixed wing aircraft. It will be able to fly only during day time and under favorable weather conditions (not yet precisely specified).

Categorized as a Light Sport Aircraft in Europe it will require a pilot license a sports pilot license (LSA). With only 20 hours of flying training, this can be flown. The prototype has already tested at ESA laboratory. It can fly maximum 500 kms, with max 200 kg payload on board; after every recharge of the battery. Max velocity and cruising velocity will be 400 kmph and 300 kmph respectively with 320kw power. Take-offs and landings will be controlled by an autonomous system and can be recharged fully overnight with ordinary household electric connection.