New Bombardier Learjet 75 Unveiled at Biggin Hill Airport

Learjet 75. Credit: Bombardier

Learjet 75. Credit: Bombardier

The Learjet 75 is a Learjet development program by the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. This light business jet is developed in anticipation of rising in the business of smaller/light private aircraft predicted by Bombardier. Zenith Aviation showed off its two luxury Learjet 75s at Biggin Hill Airport this week.  Both Learjet 75 and 75s can carry maximum eight passengers on board. These Two top-of-the-range private jets cost £14.5 million each to Zenith Aviation, have been procured to meet the rising demand from the corporate world.

This eight-passenger Bombardier can fly for up to four hours at a time, and has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.81 or 860 km/h and maximum range of 2,040 NM or 3,778 km. Bombardier claims it flies faster and farther, with full passenger and fuel capacity than its closest competitor in this class. Cabin configuration has seating for 6 or 8 passengers depending upon the customer need. The plane has the best-in-class ease of mobility, legroom, and seated headroom. Learjet 75 is a fully equipped aircraft with an abundance of built-in features required for corporate travellers, every minute detail is considered during the design and build. ‘Bombardier Vision’ flight deck advanced navigation and communications capabilities decrease pilots’ workload and fatigue thus increase situational awareness of them.  The Aircraft has superior fuel efficiency and faster time-to-climb rate than its closest competitor in its class. First and only forward pocket door jet in the light jet category.

Bombardier motto during design and build of the interior of Learjet 75 was ‘Big Aircraft Comfort in a Light Jet’. It has the largest-in-class cross-section and unique flat floor design allowing it to have two distinct floor plans. The floor is designed to have the longest seated length of any competitor in the light jet category and more leg room too. The seat track, swivel and recline capabilities, and center-seat berthing feature provide large jet business class seating comfort over the longer trips.

The nice® HD Cabin Management System (CMS) offers advanced technology at your fingertips, ensuring passengers stay connected, informed and ultimately are more productive, as the jets is intended for corporate travel. Though eight seat arrangement is offered and with all the comforts there are only Six personal touch screen monitors and connectivity points provide access to environmental controls, entertainment etc. In-flight entertainment services, and features like integrated sidewall speakers, offer the standout cabin experience.

With Galley having more storage space, a microwave, two ice drawers, catering possibilities really cross the boundaries beyond the light jet norms to make the journey more satisfying and relaxing.

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