Private Flights to Cuba – a Newest Luxury Holiday

Credit: Victor

Credit: Victor

Exciting news for those searching for a new luxury vacation idea. As of today, British-based Victor, the private jet charter service, is offering direct flights to Cuba. The service is launching flights to the island from 19 different U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Cuba, although tantalizingly close to American shores, has been off limits to U.S. citizens until now. Because of restrictions posed on the island nation, Cuba has in many ways been frozen in a bygone era. The island’s cobblestone streets and once-elegant facades remain undisturbed, with very little western influence.

Many are intrigued to share this special moment in history and are excited to explore a place that has been isolated for many decades. Victor has partnered with Cuba Educational Travel to make this dream a reality. Together Victor and the Cuban-based tour operator, in keeping with federal guidelines, will develop custom travel plans based on the interests of the individuals, small groups or families that have chartered the flight.

The privately chartered small tours are able to promise clients exclusive and individually catered experiences. The tour experiences available range from one on ones with musicians of the internationally acclaimed Buena Vista Social Club to rum tastings with at a distillery. Victor offers a variety of packages with an array of jets to choose from. $40,000 is the beginning price for a small group of eight travelers flying to the capital city of Havana for a four-night program.

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