Rolls-Royce has been curating its all-electric plane, called “Spirit of Innovation,” and the automaker reports of a record-breaking top speed of the plane. At a speed of 623km/h (387.4mph), it has achieved the top speed in its latest test flights.

For a plane that’s been in the air for a few hours total, the whopping records are impressive. The report comes just around two months after the aircraft took off for its maiden flight on 16th November 2021.

After the test flights, the automaker announced that they had pooled and presented data to the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the World Air Sports Federation that controls and certifies the world aeronautical and astronautical records.

Top speed was achieved under the purview of the director of flight operations and also the test pilot Phill O’Dell. In this context, Phil stated that it was the highlight of his career and an incredible achievement for the whole team.

Rolls-Royce said Spirit of Innovation had to its belt more than 132 mph (213.04 km/h). Plus, it is thought to have broken the fastest time to climb to 9842.52 ft (3,000 m).

Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East stated that for the advanced air mobility market, the advanced battery and propulsion technology developed for this program had exciting applications.

Warren added that following the world’s call on the need for action at COP26, this was yet another milestone that would help achieve ‘jet zero’ a reality. Moreover, it supports their ambitions to deliver the technology breakthroughs that society needs to decarbonize transport.