Smart Ways to Find a Cheap Flight


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Planning a vacation or a short trip involves finding the right place to stay in, right things to pack, and also booking your flights. Finding a cheap flight that fits perfectly in your budget can curb an expensive trip and helps save money.

Here are some smart tips which can facilitate finding a cheap flight.

Flexibility is the key (When & Where you fly, matters)
You will experience higher fares during upcoming holidays, or summer and winter vacations. It is good to remember that airline ticket prices would fluctuate based on the day of the week, the time of the week, and these upcoming holidays. Try flying in the middle of the week, when flight prices are cheaper than over the weekends. Taking a flight early morning or late night may be cheaper.

To find a reasonably-priced flight, be flexible about where you fly. Try and use the online flight booking search services like Kayak, Google Flights, Momondo, ITA Matrix, and Skyscanner. The ‘Explore’ tools featured on such services allow you to input data on your home airport and get you results with all flights listed, enabling you to find some amazing fares.

Budget Airlines – an alternative
There some low-cost airlines which offer no-fare tickets and you can pay just the taxes. The budget airlines make a good alternative to flying. You may just find tickets from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur for something like $30 USD, but remember to follow all their rules regarding checked baggage and more.

Avail Student Discounts
Avail student discounts (for a student or flier under 26 years), which are offered by travel agencies like Flight Centre or STA Travel.

Fly to a secondary destination
Flying directly to a primary destination could be more expensive. Instead, consider looking at and flying to nearby airports and then book a budget flight to your final destination.

Frequent flier program signing-up
Signing-up for the airline’s reward program could get you some free upgrades, free flights, and free companion tickets. Look out for their special offers and consider getting a travel rewards credit card.

Mailing Lists
Join some of the mailing lists from search engines and airlines to get some special travel deals. Consider websites like The Flight Deal, Airfarewatchdog, and Holiday Pirates.

Always, invest some search-time before you book a flight.

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