Sukhoi SportJet – World’s First Private Jet Designed For Sports Teams

Sukhoi a major Russian military and commercial planemaker unveiled world’s first private jet dedicatedly designed for sports teams – SportJet,  at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. Sukhoi is known for its military planes, also makes commercial planes. SportJet is the first private jet for “sports teams and their athletes,” by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. The SportJet, the third aircraft in Sukhoi’s  commercial line-up.

This is a new aircraft concept of its business jet variant the SuperJet 100. The introduction of this private jet is clearly aimed at the huge and lucrative business of transporting rich sports teams.

It’s a practice in today’s age to fly sports teams by charter flights or by private jets, to avoid fatigue, time saving etc. Delta flies 90% of NBA teams by dedicated thirteen aircrafts, whereas United Airlines transports the MLB and NFL teams.

“The SportJet is a sweet piece of our overall sales strategy, there is nothing else like it on the market today and the potential demand is huge, approximately $1 billion is the value of the global sports air transportation. In the chartered flights for sports teams, apart from the time saving by being able to connect via VIP airport terminals or FBOs, there is nothing special for the sports persons on board. We plan to change all that,” said Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s senior vice president of commerce, Evgeny Andrachnikov, at Farnborough Airshow.

The 100-seat SportJet is designed to look after rest, recovery and fitness of athletes traveling from city to city. It has four separate sections –

•    The Recovery Zone has specially designed massage tables for athletes requiring treatment for body aches and pains and taking care of their minor injuries.
•    The Resting Zone isn’t just luxurious super comfortable beds to sleep but is equipped with biometrical data monitoring systems detecting changes in the body and overall health. World class multimedia systems having facilities such as 4K resolution monitors built-in to the ceiling.
•    The Coaching Zone also serves as a video room for past analysis, further training / tips and includes many high-tech gadgets for analysis.
•    The Administration Zone is designed for those behind the scenes who are equally important and are not left out. Having all the ultra modern office equipment on board required for the team mangers and strategy planners.

The SportJet also has exercise bikes, toilets with special seats that measure hydration levels and each seat has its own device for measuring pulse, oxygen, and blood pressure.

Sukhoi says its SportJet will be ready for release in 2018, exact price tag not yet disclosed.

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