Surf Air founders take off with all-you-can-fly private flight service Beacon

Service polls indicate that travelling via a plane has one of the worst ratings regarding customer feedback. Most business travellers cringe having to report to an airport a couple of hours in advance in order to get through the always unpredictable security screenings. If one resides in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area, consider Surf Air introduced to the aviation industry in mid-2014. The private jet charter operates a subscription model consisting of a $1,650 per month fee for unlimited flights in the Bay area, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. One can have four reservations at a given time on a Surf Air plane charter Pilatus PC-12 executive aircraft.

Surf Air’s charter planes avoid the congested airports, and instead identify landing areas that are used at ten percent of their capacity. The plane hire is useful since the Los Angeles and San Francisco area is one of the most highly trafficked in the world. Those that charter a plane want an easier experience which Surf Air supplies which include showing up around 30 minutes prior to your flight; check in via an iPad, spacious seating, and luggage back to the traveller within minutes. The jet hire has grown from 23 employees to 81 in a few months. Surf Air has 16 to 20 flights per day, and will avoid competing against the big airlines in San Francisco and New York. The Pilatus aircraft is efficient to operate, and Surf Air continues to buy the same model to keep maintenance costs in check while having spare parts at their disposal.

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