The light jet market will soon have new entrants, SyberJet Aircraft’s SJ20i light business jet making its initial flight. The company is reportedly applying its final touches to the SJ30i flight test aircraft, which is an existing SJ30-2 model (S/N 005). The model has been allegedly converted to the new SJ30i configuration. It is expected that certification and initial deliveries of the SJ30i will occur by the end of 2020.

The SJ30i is the latest version of the SJ30 light jet – Ed Swearingen initially designed it in the 1980s. The program has since then seen many changes of ownership. In 2005, the SJ30-2 version was granted type certification by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Subsequently, however, only four production SJ30-2 aircraft were produced and delivered to customers. In 2011, SyberJet, known as MT LLC, purchased Emivest Aerospace’s assets, which was then the manufacturer of the SJ30.

SyberJet intends to quickly follow the SJ30i with a re-engined variant called the SJ30x as the former is an interim model. Five incomplete aircraft inherited from Emivest is expected to be completed as SJ30i models. The aircraft include S/Ns 009, 011, 012, 013, and 014. Under current plans, these five aircraft, plus S/N 005, which will later sell on the pre-owned market, constitute the SJ30i fleet. 

Meanwhile, an upgraded version of the SJ30-2 (the SJ30i) is equipped with a new glass cockpit called SyberVision. The new cockpit features core avionics supplied by Honeywell and includes up to four 12-inch liquid crystal displays. Standard items include the SmartView synthetic vision system (SVS), dual flight management systems, the INAV moving map display system, and onboard weather radar. The SJ30i is powered by FJ44-2A engines and also features a new interior.

The two models SJ30i and SJ30x, are positioned in the jet segment of the business jet market. And, their sales competition includes such aircraft as the Cessna CJ3+ and the Embraer Phenom 300E. They take on such established manufacturers as Cessna and Embraer in a market known for strong brand loyalty will be a difficult task for a new player such as SyberJet. However, customers willing to choose cabin space for performance would love to try the new SJ30 model.