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World’s most expensive private planes

Friday, February 27th, 2015

In the aviation industry, most planes are known for their utility. However, when it comes to celebrities and business industry, private charter planes and private jet charter are more common. Charter planes exude luxury, style and class and when the rich charter a plane, here is what it looks like:

1. Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300

Alisher Usmanov’s plane might have cost $238 million when it was bought but thanks to the Russian billionaire’s expensive furnishings inside the plane, its estimated value is around $600 million. (more…)

What is to come in aviation: hydrogen engines

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Boeing first manned flight dates back to 2008

In the last decades there have not been significant advances in airplanes engines. While in the 1980’s jet propulsion engines were improved and widely introduced in the airplane market, there have not been significant advances since then.
Even some designs of other type of engines – like turboprops- used today were made in the 1950’s.

So are engineers working on anything new? Yes. Hydrogen engines. This new kind of engines that are radically different from what’s used now may be closer than you think.