Private jet flying either for business or leisure or otherwise has been changing face very rapidly. From the mere status symbol or privilege of the elite class alone today, it has become the need of an hour. Plane sharing, charter flights, jet cards and many more tailor-made concepts in private jet travel have come into existence, and some are working well. And many new ideas are being explored too.

Like Netflix and Spotify, pay-to-play movie and music streaming, Surf Air, a California-based company, offers members unlimited luxury travel in exchange for fixed a monthly fee. It is in operation since 2013. Surf Air describes this unlimited-consumption model as “the Netflix of air travel.” Its US operation has approximately 3,000 members and operates almost 90 flights a day between 13 different destinations. Surf Air is launching its operations in Europe in October this year.

In the “new all-you-can-fly package” Surf Air promises unlimited trips by private jet for £2,500 per month. That’s the minimum fee for a standard membership with a £1,000 initiation fee. The fee structure goes upwards depending upon your requirements. But still, the offer is pretty attractive for the frequent flyers in specific sectors. They plan to start flying to their first European destinations, including London, Cannes, Zurich, and Geneva, Cannes, Dublin, and Ibiza. And will expand further to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona.

The chartering cost of a single private-jet flight between London and Geneva does easily reach five figures. This cost reduces when a private plane is a partially owned, but still, private jet travel was and will always be a privilege of a minute proportion of travellers or those elite, rich ones. Surf Air’s private jet travel affordability is because the private jets at its disposal won’t be reserved for a particular member’s personal use alone. Surf Air’s private jet travel affordability is because the private jets at its disposal won’t be reserved for a specific member’s private use alone. Instead, he or she has to fly/share the plane with other Surf Air members.

Still considering the flexibility and cost-effectiveness, it is a lovely flying proposal. On behalf of Surf Air Europe Ltd, flights will be operated by TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd, licensed as an air carrier by EU and UK law.