ICON A5 - sporty aircraft

ICON A5. Credit: Icon Aircraft.

A perfect day for flying and if you feel the intense desire to be a pilot and soar into the skies, then your wait is over. The FAA-approved new Icon A5, a James Bond-style light sports car that manoeuvres on water and has a swiftness of a jet ski, is designed specifically for both first-time pilots and pros. It is a super-cool amphibious, carbon fire, white-and-silver-cabin two-seater. The plane is featured with LED lights, foldable wings, removable side windows, and an elegant dashboard.

As you enjoy your flight experience, you have the advantage of being instructed by CEO of Icon Aircraft, Kirk Hawkins, who can take over anytime. First-time pilots would be undoubtedly excited about operating a water take off successfully and landing on the first day of training, with some who would learn it within a span of 30 minutes. The learning curve is ultra-fast, which is attributed to the cockpit designed much like a car’s dashboard. The simplicity speaks volumes with around 40% of individuals who have put down deposits for the Icon A5 being non-pilots.

ICON A5 - sporty aircraft

ICON A5. Credit: Icon Aircraft

A traditional pilot’s license can reportedly involve 40 hours of flight training and a total cost of over $10,000. Icon A5 is an easier and less expensive way to an ideal piloting experience. Hawkins explains that any average human being can learn to fly A5 and a lot of complexity is removed if one stays away from controlled airspace and fly in good weather only. He also explains about opting for the sport pilot license that entails individuals to fly during daytime, around 2,000 feet above ground, and with a minimum visibility of three miles away from a busy airspace. Those who have an intense desire for more could opt for the private pilot license. Hawkins adds that it’s an instinctive, pure experience that captures the essence of flying as a sport.

A5, with a price tag of $207,000 can be a lofty dream when it comes to owning it for quite a few. But a piloting lesson for novices or pros can be brilliant, with the Icon headquartered at the training centre in Vacaville, Calif., and its flight-training facility at Peter O. Knight Airport in Tampa. A sports flying introduction class is reportedly set at $595 and obtaining a sports pilot license entails the thrills of flying solo.