Air travellers typically have the enduring question to answer – window or aisle seat. While planes are flying less full, passengers who prefer the aisle seats may just get their pick. Window proponents may still skip the choice to enjoy their view. However, here are some reasons why one may choose aisle over window seats.

Extra Space
The aisle gives passengers that little bit of extra legroom. One can also enjoy stretching legs out in the aisle for brief moments, and fully stretching arms upward. So, get ready to enjoy more legroom as you sprawl into the aisle.

Easy Access to the Toilet
With an aisle seat, one can enjoy unrivalled easy access to the toilet. So, one does not need to hop up and can keep tabs peering down if the toilet has a long queue or is free to make a loo dash. There are zero obstacles in the way and helps those who have a bladder control issue.

Lesser Awkward Moments
For those who find it awkward to stand up to access bags in the overhead compartment, or even get a snack, the window or the middle seat can get difficult. One can just end up interrupting neighbours, who are probably enjoying a snooze. Some travellers may typically feel odd to inconvenience fellow passengers, and that’s when aisle seats can turn out to be a blessing.

Less Competition
The window-takers who enjoy the view, won’t really care for the aisle. Plus, for a short-haul flight, it makes little difference for a few travellers where they are seated. So, for those who really prefer aisle seats, it’s a cakewalk as they may end up finding the exact seat they want!

Helps Getting More Organized
Imagine the tires hit the tarmac, and you are in a mad rush to be off the plane and meet (maybe) your better half or go straight to the hotel for a planned meeting. Naturally, the aisle seat offers you that extra benefit to get your belongings easily. Plus, you can get documents organized efficiently before exiting.