Life Travel, Hong Kong

Credit: Life Travel, Hong Kong

Imagine your terriers tucked into a flight with them enjoying grilled salmon or tender chicken. As a pet-parent, not only will you be relaxed watching your favourite four-legged family member being pampered, but your pets will also have a comfortable journey. Hong Kong travel company, Life Travel has commenced chartering private jets to Japan for pet-parents and their pooches. The trip starts at HK$70,000 for a week in Okinawa, Japan, where the pup could fly in both comfort and style. Apart from which, the pup could also rack up their own pet miles for trips in future.

Life Travel founder, Raymond Chung, stated that dog owners had always desired travelling with their pets, and there had been no avenue or way for them. He added that while the purchasing power and the desire were there, it was all about creating those memories.

Pets are usually carried in the hold, in commercial flights, and so flying private spelled owners having peace of mind where they could have their four-legged friends’ right next to them. So, while the smaller dogs could sit comfortably on their pet parent’s lap the bigger ones could luxuriously sprawl out on the floor. Also, dogs and owners could enjoy a nutritious and delicious in-flight meal together, while they are airborne.

It is reported that in China, the consumer spending on pets was soaring at around 20% per year. And, it was expected that by 2022, it would be a US$7 billion market. So, more families would be travelling with their furry friends, as more options for destinations and accommodation are available.

Meanwhile, last year, Life Travel had organised three trips to Japan (its only destination at the moment), and the US is set to be added to the list this year. Countries like Australia would remain off-limits due to quarantine requirements and strict customs policies. It is reported that the agency planned to ramp up quickly with 13 trips in 2018, and 50 in 2019.