Does the thought of flying with kids leave you jittery? We understand – it is difficult with glaring eyes, kids screaming, worrisome thoughts of them getting sick, and more. Relax, we’ve got you covered, here are some useful tips that will keep you and your kids calm throughout the flight.

  1. Prepare and plan
    No one knows your kid better than you. You know how to distract them; their favorite toys, stuffed animals, bed-time buddies, games, and so on. Fill your bag with games, snacks, wet wipes, extra clothes, and medicines. Be prepared for the unexpected and it will keep you relaxed through the flight.
  2. Flying from an early age
    Try not to delay flying with your child, it may only worsen with time. Prepare your children to fly from an early age. With time, they will get more familiar with the flight procedure, what to expect, and how to conduct themselves on the plane. Prepare yourself mentally for crying toddlers especially during take-off and landing. Babies’ ears are a lot more sensitive to changes in air pressure so give them something to suckle on, as a pacifier; this will help relieve the pressure.
  3. Organize and settle onboarding
    Remember to organize and settle as soon as you board the plane with everything you need. It is best to keep all travel essentials handy in the seat pocket in front of you or under the chair. It will save you time – as you can attend to your toddler quickly.
  4. Carry snacks
    Carry plenty of snacks and water that can keep your kid entertained and can be a lifesaver. With an infant, bring their formula, or any other food required. A bag of goodie-surprises like gummy bears, protein bars, pretzels, or dried fruit will keep your children excited and can be good distracters when required.
  5. Get Creative
    Kids get bored out-of-the-blue, and flights are no different. Try and get creative – carry coloring books, crayons, pens, and pencils; read books or a Kindle, and don’t forget your iPods, iPads, or handheld gaming consoles like the PSP or Nintendo DS.
  6. Keep kids comfy
    Children can get quite cranky if they are impractically dressed. Try and dress them up in comfy and roomy layers – don’t forget pajamas can do wonders.
  7. Go for walks on the plane and monitor toilet breaks
    Make sure that your children visit the toilet before getting on the plane. Keep a regular check on fluids. It is also essential that you stretch your legs and make sure that your child has a walk up and down the plane – they will love it.
  8. Take care of yourself
    Don’t forget that your wellbeing is important, so take care of yourself and you will be able to handle your little ones much better onboard.