Victor Lets Anyone ‘Order’ a Private Jet

WN / Arturo Ubaub

These days, our smartphones are the single most important device in our lives. We order food, hail a cab, rent a room, and buy services at a convenient time and location. Now, to top it all off an app named Victor has entered the private jet sector industry, letting anyone order a plane with a single touch.

Started more than three years ago, Victor is an on-demand jet charter service that lets you browse, compare and book private jets via its desktop website and iOS app. No wonder it is dubbed the ‘Uber for private jets’. However, Victor isn’t the first to simplify private jet services through app-based bookings. U.S.-based BlackJet, backed by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp was launched in 2012 on similar grounds but the Florida-based company slumped in its first year itself.

But today Victor is gaining in a completely opposite direction. It has successfully achieved 300 percent year-on-year growth in the European private jet market with a further $8 million in funding to support expansion into the U.S. Of course, Victor backers are super rich unnamed private investors made up mostly of own users.

Victor’s iOS app has an interface similar to other mobile booking apps. Enter the two cities you would like to fly between, browse through all the aircrafts at the departure airport in real time, including all the plane details and quickly request the charter using your credit card. Earlier private jets could be ordered only through brokers with their price quotes. This process took time and no one really knew what the real price was. Victor brought in price transparency by working directly with aircraft owners.

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