What Food to Eat and Avoid on a Flight?


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Are you travelling on a plane and wondering what you should eat and avoid? Here are some scientific insights on in-flight meals which will throw some light on whether you enjoy a meal or stay satisfied for the duration of a particular flight. Keep reading for an enjoyable in-flight indulgence and highlights on choosing the right foods.

In-flight foods to Avoid

Pasta and chicken

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Salty and bland food: The cabin pressure and dry air within an aircraft can numb the taste buds in your mouth, so try avoiding foods like pasta and chicken. These foods don’t reheat well and have a minimal taste of their own and need to be seasoned well.

Carbonated drinks, salty snacks, and meals prepared with soy sauce: These foods can deprive your body of even more water and you can avoid consuming such foods.

Cruciferous vegetables, onions, and cabbage: Foods like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, coleslaw, which belong to the cruciferous family can produce gases, trigger a gastrointestinal discomfort and should be avoided.

Caffeine and Alcohol: Alcohol causes the body to dehydrate and in the case of an in-flight alcohol indulgence, drink at least twice the quantity of water. Too much of caffeine could hamper sleep and since it is diuretic you would probably be going to the toilet more often.

Fats and starches: Avoid intake of fats and starches, and it is best to avoid the roll with butter or desserts.

In-flight foods to Indulge in


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Curries and spicy food: These foods don’t lose flavour and retain their aroma when reheated.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies: This makes a great food choice which would not make you feel bloated and leave a tantalising effect for your taste buds.

Lean protein: Choose a protein source which is not deep-fried or crusted with bread crumbs as you don’t wish to be overloaded with hard-to-digest fats. Some lean meat (lamb and beef) are good food choices and carnivores can also choose some seafood as well.

Water, non-carbonated drinks, smoothies, herbal teas, and more: You may consume loads of water, green tea, non-carbonated drinks, and smoothies made with yogurt and fresh fruit to stay hydrated. Having tomato juice can help you stimulate your taste buds and it tastes better at altitude.

So, the next time you are on a plane, remember that the right foods can assure you an enjoyable in-flight food experience.

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