The global airline industry is facing an unprecedented crisis and has changed the way we travel. Today, the aviation industry is preparing for the new normal with systematic testing, health screening, and new measures onboard flights. Flyers will adjust to these new measures because it ensures safe travelling experiences. Here’s what the new normal could look like.

New safety measures

Safety must be the core of travelling experiences. With safety at heart, airlines are disinfecting every aircraft. The aircraft also go through periodic fumigation. Social distancing is maintained at points including airport entry, security checks, baggage drop counters, boarding gates, baggage claim, etc. With plenty of common surfaces, such as boarding gates, wheelchairs, armrests, tray tables, overhead nozzles, and lavatories, all are disinfected using cleaning agents.

Some airports are adopting novel ways to minimise person-to-person interaction while flying which includes check-in online from homes or offices and using contactless payment at the airport restaurants and retail stores. Many airports are also using touchless measures in screening and stamping services. They also adapt to the deep cleaning of the whole terminal and fogging.

Dealing with Fears

The global pandemic has brought significant challenges to the travel industry. Many travellers still maintain a genuine fear of infection.

In the context of tackling with fears, Willy Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo, states that the risk of COVID-19 transmission from one passenger to another onboard is low because customers are not facing toward each other. Aircraft are using HEPA filters that trap microscopic particles as small as bacteria and viruses. The filters are effective at capturing nearly 99.99% of the airborne microbes in the filtered air. Some aircraft also limit the onboard movement once seated.

The New Normal

Even once the coronavirus situation settles, flyers can expect temperature checks and having to wear a mask while onboard flights. Though the rules will differ, flyers can expect safer travel experiences and come out of the crisis stronger than before.