Why Airplane Seat Covers are Nearly Blue

airplane passengers

While flying by any airline have you noticed the colour of the seat cover? Most of us will say “No”. After boarding a plane we pay attention to many things such as – settling down, checking the list of movies being shown or guessing how your neighbour is going to be etc. It is a fact that most of the aeroplane’s seat covers have some shade of blue, no matter which airline it is.

The study shows the blue ambience helps keep passengers calm and relaxed as they fly through the skies at up to 900 kilometres an hour. The psychologists also strongly claim that blue represents trust, serenity, and efficiency. One may also notice that the blue is used in the lounges and in many hospitals.

The world’s leading plane manufacturers have done a lot of research in this regard. As per some colour psychology experts, blue is the colour the clear sky and the calm sea which represents inner peace, serenity, clarity. Studies have revealed that the shades of blue or green are nearly unanimously associated with calm and peace even with the people from different cultures and religions.

Airplane cabin

Blue colour slows down the heart rate and breathing. That is why it is a good colour to help in meditation or relaxation. The colour also appears trustworthy, that is why people often wear blue shirts or suits at the time of company presentations or job interviews.

The shades of the colour also matter a lot. The lighter sheds make ambience seem larger, wider and more open whereas the darker sheds give the notion of smaller, narrower and enclosed spaces.

Many airlines in the late seventies and eighties had installed bright red colour seats in the planes, but were removed after they realised the colour triggered angry emotions in travellers!

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