Will An Uber-Like Company Lead To Affordable Private Jets For The Masses?

WN / Arturo Ubaub

WN / Arturo Ubaub

By now, industry experts and consumers alike know Uber’s impact upon the taxi industry. The company succeeded in charging competitive rates for on-demand rides. Users access a simple smartphone app, book a car, and they’re ready to go. Despite groans from taxi operators, Uber continues to see incredible success. Certain challenges fact the company moving forward, but Uber could revolutionize other industries. Is the aviation industry the next travel sector to see an Uber-like service?

Travelers are used to paying hefty rates for plane tickets and playing by airlines’ rules. However, a handful of companies are trying to change the industry through private jet charters. Jetsmarter, Ubair, and Victor operate marketplaces that connect travelers with an on-demand plane charter. All three services offer a smartphone app and have been compared to Uber for air travelers. Currently, these companies operate in various countries and focus upon transparency to attract users.

Through these apps, travelers can book a private jet charter in on-demand fashion. They’ll be connected with available flights leaving whenever a departure is desired. Some services require a bidding process, and others charge a flat rate. Within an hour, an individual could board a plane and head to their destination. This solution skips long waits at the airport and delayed flights. Service operators seek to provide competitive rates that make traditional airlines obsolete.

Flying by private plane charter comes with various benefits. Travelers will feel more comfortable and receive extra accommodations. Without a doubt, the biggest draw is the on-demand nature of these services. Victor and other services are still in their infancy, but they’re growing fast. Such services are designed for First-Class travelers with money to spend. For these types of travelers, each on-demand service offers a competitively priced option for traveling from city to city with ease.

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