Ever been on a long-haul flight cramped up in the airplane seat and had a terrible backache at the end of the day? We know how it feels, and it isn’t fun! While we love looking at First Class and Business Class seats, it’s not always economical for a vast majority. The comfortable seats seem like a dream but it can be possible on a budget. All you need to do is choose the right seat, and we will tell you how!

Know the Preferences!

When choosing a flight seat, knowing what you want is important. A window seat is perfect if you prefer to enjoy the view. If you’re someone who wants to have easy access to the doors or your luggage, an aisle seat is best. There’s always a seat near the emergency door or front in the first row for extra legroom. Each choice has a seat, but you must know what you prefer.

Who’s Your Companion?

Are you travelling with kids? Certain seats on the flight are specially designed for families or travellers with babies and toddlers. They have easy access to a bassinet and generally have enough legroom for the child to play around with. And if you have someone elderly or who needs a wheelchair, make sure you pay a premium to book in the first few rows to get in and out of the aircraft as quickly as possible.

Avoid the Middle!

It’s no secret, the middle seats are usually the most uncomfortable. You’re always cramped between someone in the aisle seat and a window seat, and it’s also very inconvenient to rest or use the washroom because of the times you need someone to get up and accommodate you. Usually, the middle seats are the last to be booked, which means people have few choices on last-minute bookings.

Check Your Airplane!

The easiest way to book your seat is when you buy the ticket and have access to choose your seat preference. If you haven’t had the time or want to do it right at the check-in counter, then we recommend looking up the aircraft and the seating arrangement of the airline well in advance to have the option to choose what is most comfortable during your travel.

Just Ask Someone!

It can be scary asking someone for their seat, but sometimes things happen and you can’t book it in advance. If the seat you want is vacant, ask the in-flight attendant if you can move; and if there’s already someone sitting, ask them if they would like to swap seats. There’s always someone flexible who could do you a favour- so just ask!