Private Air Travel: It’s Possible For More People Now

May 19th, 2015

As organizer and CEO of a tech startup, Ross McCray discovered himself flying from his home in Los Angeles to San Francisco a few times each month for work. In any case, bouncing on a business flight included a wide range of irritating rituals, such as experiencing security that squandered a considerable measure of time in his occupied calendar. Read the rest of this entry »

Biofuel discovery could soon power jet planes

May 14th, 2015

Plane flying over San Diego Bay

A team of researchers from Washington State University have managed to make a series of breakthroughs it is thought could lead to the production of jet fuel from a common fungus that has undergone some genetic mutation. Read the rest of this entry »

McCarran International Airport Flooded With Private Jets For MayPac Fight

May 5th, 2015

Over the weekend in Las Vegas, the billed “Fight of the Century” took placed between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the MGM Grand. Speculation and rumors about whether or not the fight would or would not take place has been around for the last five years. With it taking place and proving to be the first monumental fight to occur within the last 15 years or so, brought out celebrities from every walk of life. From Tom Brady, who flew in from the Kentucky Derby earlier in the day to Robert Dinero and hundreds of other famous individuals, the fight not only proved to be a whose who in the celebrity community, but it also truly showcased how much money revolved around the fight, simply with the sheer number of private jets flying into McCarren International Airport.

There is a special terminal for private jets flying into Vegas at the McCarren International Airport. With all of the special events and forms of entertainment at the airport, having the different landing platform and runway proves helpful. However, for the fight and so many individuals flying in on their private jets, the runway actually had to be completely closed down as it was overcrowded with private jets. With the jets flying in from all across the country, the airport closed this airport down early so private jets had to eventually land in a nearby airport and the celebs taxied into the city.

Risks Involved in Hiring Charter and Private Aircraft

April 29th, 2015
WN / Arturo Ubaub

WN / Arturo Ubaub

Although it may seem like it would be safer to utilize a charter plane for private jet charter, there are inherently more risks associated with flying in this manner over commercial airlines. The fact of the matter is that charter planes do not require employees in the aviation industry to go through nearly as much training and hours of flight time to become certified. Read the rest of this entry »

Busy College Hopefuls Now Tour Campuses by Jet

April 20th, 2015


Jet hire, a longstanding part of the aviation industry, has now been customized for prospective college students and their families by Magellan Jets, which offers tailored private jet charter to and from campuses.

Customers purchase a ten-hour flight card from the company and then use it to charter a plane. Families can then take advantage of the increased travel efficiency charter planes afford and the extras Magellan includes to visit multiple campuses and locales each day. Magellan creates a detailed, unique itinerary for each customer, and those who want to see as many college possibilities as possible can request their itineraries to include three or four campus visits a day, complete with ground transportation and private tours by hired drivers and guides.

This should appeal to families and single students with little time and lots to see. Plane charter lets customers skip long lines at the airport, and the ground services Magellan includes eliminate the hassle of navigating unfamiliar places and getting one’s bearings.

For a ten-hour flight card the cost is a little over forty thousand dollars. This won’t be a service everyone uses, but those who can afford it will have to weigh the cost of efficiency against the high costs of tuition. Busy students and families may find that, at roughly the cost of a year at school without room and board, plane hire is worth it. Others will have to rely on regular air and ground travel, guidebooks, and a little luck.


April 13th, 2015


Commercial airlines often restrict the transport of pets due to a number of reasons, from seasonal delays, sweltering heat during summer months to the number of pets that can be accommodated on a single flight. And while airlines often claim the number of pet casualties are minimum during transportation, the unsuspected dangers are scary. Read the rest of this entry »

Privatized Air Travel in 2015

April 1st, 2015

Credit: New Flight Charters

The aviation industry has projected seeing a rise in the amount of people hiring private planes and jets. An article written by Alyson Wuamett for Magellan Jets stated that last year “Augusta Regional Airport reported 2,034 private jets landed and took off during last year’s Masters Tournament in August, GA”. This year, they expect the number to be closer to 3,000. Read the rest of this entry »

Victor Lets Anyone ‘Order’ a Private Jet

March 27th, 2015

WN / Arturo Ubaub

These days, our smartphones are the single most important device in our lives. We order food, hail a cab, rent a room, and buy services at a convenient time and location. Now, to top it all off an app named Victor has entered the private jet sector industry, letting anyone order a plane with a single touch. Read the rest of this entry »

Private Jet Charters: who and where do they go?

March 20th, 2015

The typical ultra high net worth individual is a man aged 40-50, who own their own business in the oil and gas market. Their use of private jets have risen by 3% in just the last year.

The Unites States Of America claims 60% of these individuals and in the USA going from Miami to New York, New York to Los Angeles, New York to West Palm Beach, Chicago to New York, Houston to New York, and West Palm Beach to New York are all among the top ten destinations in the United States for private jet travel.

Though the majority of the travel in private jets happens in the USA, The ultra high net worth individuals are living in London, the second highest of these individuals lives in Tokyo, and the third highest ultra high net worth individuals are in New York.

The second ultra high net worth individuals travel is in Europe. London travel to New York is a popular travel destination. Europe’s travel is sure to increase because London is the most important city in the world. Private jet travel will also increase due to the fact that the ultra high net worth individuals have risen by approximately 5% in fifteen countries around the world. Among these people, the travel on private jets that have been chartered, is equivalent to the average person hoping on a bus or taking a taxi to where they want to go for both business and travel.

World’s most expensive private planes

February 27th, 2015

In the aviation industry, most planes are known for their utility. However, when it comes to celebrities and business industry, private charter planes and private jet charter are more common. Charter planes exude luxury, style and class and when the rich charter a plane, here is what it looks like:

1. Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300

Airbus A340-300

Alisher Usmanov’s plane might have cost $238 million when it was bought but thanks to the Russian billionaire’s expensive furnishings inside the plane, its estimated value is around $600 million.

2. Airbus A380

Airbus A380

Airbus A380

Prince Alwaleed bin Talai is the owner of this $500 million private jet which comes equipped with showers, bathrooms, wellness area, multiple bedrooms, hawk room, stable and a place where his luxury automobiles are kept.

3. Boeing 747

Boeing 747

Boeing 747

This might be a popular commercial jet but the $153 million beauty is owned and used as a private jet by various billionaires in the world including Joseph Lau.

4. Boeing 767

This Boeing costs $118 million and is owned by Larry Page and Roman Abramovich.

5. Boeing 757

Boeing 757

Boeing 757

The $100 million Boeing 757 is owned by Donald Trump and was previously owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft and comes equipped with gold seat buckles, 52” flat screen TV, gold faucets and gold bathroom sink, plus 2 bedrooms.

6. Airbus 319 Corporate Jet

This $80.7 million plane is owned by Vijay Mallya who is an Indian businessman.

7. Gulfstream G-550

Gulfstream G-550

Gulfstream G-550

Lakshmi Mittal and Phillip Green own this private jet that costs $59.9 million.

8. BD-700 Global Express



The elite of Hollywood prefer this private jet to others and it costs about $47.7 million. It is owned by Oprah Winfrey and Celine Dion and is ideal for business trips.

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