United Airlines Adds 270 New Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus

United Airlines recently announced its new aircraft order, the largest-ever for Boeing and Airbus jets, lining up 270 new planes worth over $30 billion. United executives confirmed the order as one of the biggest in the airline’s history. The executives… Continue Reading →

Google-Funded Startup Merlin Labs Reveals Pilotless Planes

Merlin Labs, which develops systems that fly airlines, remained in the shadows till now. The company recently emerged from its stealth mode with $25 million in funding from Google Ventures and others for its autonomous plane technology. Merlin Labs visions… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Risk Increases on Boarding from Back to Front

Airlines took to a back-to-front boarding process in response to the global pandemic. The approach is inspired by the desire to lessen the likelihood of passengers passing close to seated passengers when they take their seats. However, researchers show that… Continue Reading →

Swiss Robot Using UV Light Can Disinfect Aeroplanes

UVeya, a Swiss start-up, is in the process of testing robots that use ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect aeroplanes. The Swiss robots armed with UV light can kill 99% of bacteria and pathogens, including coronavirus. The technology is expected to… Continue Reading →

A Plane and a Drone – the Best of Two Worlds

Flying taxis will soon be a reality, appearing in skies sooner than expected. The e-planes are undergoing trials in different parts of the world. India may join the bandwagon as an electric plane made by an IIT Madras professor and… Continue Reading →

United Designs 7 Changes for Transforming the Airline

United Airlines is all set to transform the airline from a post-crisis world with big and bold changes. The changes are designed to promote seven areas of focus for the “new United” by 2023 or beyond. Focus Area 1: Changing… Continue Reading →

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