Air travel has made flying easier, but sitting in one spot for 12hrs to 15 hrs is still no joke! No matter what the cuisine on board is or what entertainment is there on the flight, what matters most, especially during those long-haul flights is how comfortable the seats are. And comfort is most important for economy passengers as they make up a bulk of travellers on board. We’ve compiled a list of 5 popular airlines that have some of the best & most comfortable economy seats so you can enjoy your air travel.

Singapore Airlines

World-class service isn’t just for those who are at the front of the plane, and Singapore Airlines shows exactly that! The seat pitch for economy travellers is 32 inches-34 inches with in-flight entertainment. Alongside that, they also have 17.5-19 inches seat width which is consistently voted as being among the roomier and comfier seats in airline travel.

Japan Airlines

If you haven’t flown Japan Airlines, we recommend giving it a try as this Eastern airline has roomy aisles and distance between seats. In fact, Japan Airlines breaks the trend, offering up a 2-4-2 economy configuration in their Boeing 787 compared to most airlines with their 3-3-3 configuration. Not only is the service impeccable regardless of the class, but the Soba noodles, Ume-shu and on-demand snacks make it worthwhile!


Have you ever seen a 12-inch entertainment screen and flight slippers along with actual meal cutlery instead of plastic on economy travel? EVA Air breaks the norm in not just service and amenities but with generous legroom and seat width for their economy passengers. This airline is an underdog but has managed to be consistently booked out with its offerings.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is known for its ultra-luxurious business class configuration, but the airline is also being recognized for its luxury touches on economy travel. With a 33-inch seat pitch, 18-inch seat width, USB charging, blankets and pillows, there is a lot you can make use of, even if it’s economy travel.

Emirates Airlines

If you think wider seats mean maximum comfort, then we recommend flying Emirates Airlines; especially the Airbus A380 double-decker version of the plane. Economy class passengers have the entire lower deck and each has access to 18-inch wide seats, a 33-inch seat pitch, adjustable headrests, comfortable legroom, a large entertainment screen along with snacks and efficient service. Well worth it, if you ask us!