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Breakthrough 100-Seat Electric Plane Set to Ply by 2027

An all-electric plane capable of carrying 100 people with an impressive range of 460 miles (740 km) may be available within six years. The plane significantly accelerating the timeline will be a non-kerosene-powered commercial airliner, which will be fitted with… Continue Reading →

The Secret Behind Round-shaped Windows on Planes

Windows are typically rectangle and square-shaped ones. Have you wondered why it’s round on a plane window? What’s the science behind the shape?  Experts explain that it has all to do with pressure. Keep reading to find out more. Aerospace… Continue Reading →

Exciting Facts of the US Space Force’s X-37B Space Plane

Robotic X-37B had its most recent mission, the sixth flight for the military space place. The X-37B remains a classified project and is one of the most intriguing spaceships in the world. Here’s a look at some amazing facts about… Continue Reading →

Electric Planes Poised to Make Skies Cleaner

With its plans to reduce its carbon footprint, the airline industry can see the future on the horizon with electric planes. Airline flights are expected to double in the next 20 years, and the industry still needs to transition to… Continue Reading →

United Airlines Adds 270 New Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus

United Airlines recently announced its new aircraft order, the largest-ever for Boeing and Airbus jets, lining up 270 new planes worth over $30 billion. United executives confirmed the order as one of the biggest in the airline’s history. The executives… Continue Reading →

Google-Funded Startup Merlin Labs Reveals Pilotless Planes

Merlin Labs, which develops systems that fly airlines, remained in the shadows till now. The company recently emerged from its stealth mode with $25 million in funding from Google Ventures and others for its autonomous plane technology. Merlin Labs visions… Continue Reading →

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