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Top Reasons to Sit in the Aisle Seat on Planes

Air travellers typically have the enduring question to answer – window or aisle seat. While planes are flying less full, passengers who prefer the aisle seats may just get their pick. Window proponents may still skip the choice to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Net-Zero Aviation with Electric Planes Bound for Australia

The aviation industry has opened up some amazing doors to reduce the environmental impact of aviation with the use of electric airplanes. Australia is all set to launch and use the world’s first all-electric airline. In the backdrop of a… Continue Reading →

Rolls-Royce’s All-Electric Plane Breaks World Records

Rolls-Royce has been curating its all-electric plane, called “Spirit of Innovation,” and the automaker reports of a record-breaking top speed of the plane. At a speed of 623km/h (387.4mph), it has achieved the top speed in its latest test flights…. Continue Reading →

Breakthrough 100-Seat Electric Plane Set to Ply by 2027

An all-electric plane capable of carrying 100 people with an impressive range of 460 miles (740 km) may be available within six years. The plane significantly accelerating the timeline will be a non-kerosene-powered commercial airliner, which will be fitted with… Continue Reading →

The Secret Behind Round-shaped Windows on Planes

Windows are typically rectangle and square-shaped ones. Have you wondered why it’s round on a plane window? What’s the science behind the shape?  Experts explain that it has all to do with pressure. Keep reading to find out more. Aerospace… Continue Reading →

Exciting Facts of the US Space Force’s X-37B Space Plane

Robotic X-37B had its most recent mission, the sixth flight for the military space place. The X-37B remains a classified project and is one of the most intriguing spaceships in the world. Here’s a look at some amazing facts about… Continue Reading →

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