Long-haul flights or otherwise, it’s always great to catch up on some entertainment during the flight. It’s not only a great way to entertain the tiny tots, but parents can also catch up on some of their favourite TV shows.

Moreover, planes are a wonderful place to watch the latest blockbusters. It’s great to have different airlines offer diverse standards of in-flight entertainment. Here’s a peek at some of the best airlines famous for their entertainment.

Qantas Airlines

Fliers can sit back and relax and enjoy a range of over 1500 entertainment options (in select aircraft), with a choice to watch new-release movies, documentaries, comedies, and more. Further, the Qantas entertainment app can be accessed via smartphones and tablets. It allows streaming content, including access to Nickelodeon (TV channel). Plus, fliers can access TV shows, including The First Lady, NCIS and The Offer, Disney movies, classic films, and Spotify and Audible.


Emirates Inflight entertainment is packed with fun experiences for fliers, with up to 6,500 channels on their award-winning Ice Inflight entertainment system. It is easy to browse through the inflight magazine and access the featured movies, documentaries, TV shows, music, games, and podcasts. The airline is popular with global customers, as it entertains in multiple languages. What’s more, the airline offers such entertainment options with audio descriptions and closed captions, making it easier for visually or audibly impaired passengers.

Virgin Atlantic

A special curation by a team of in-house experts awaits to entertain fliers onboard Virgin Atlantic. The entertainment platform is named Vera and offers travellers the hottest Hollywood films, music, the latest chartbusters, a selection of documentaries, and more. For those travelling with children, there’s a Kids’ Zone that’s a safe place for the tots to watch suitable movies, TV shows, and audio programmes. Fliers can also create and save their playlist for later.

Delta Airlines

Yet another great inflight entertainment experience can be found onboard Delta Airlines. It’s great for adults, but the experience for children is spectacular. Kids can enjoy uninterrupted hours of entertainment on the app, which includes stories, TV shows, and sing-alongs. Parents can enjoy their peace of mind when they find children engaged and entertained. Plus, they can enjoy a selection of award-winning movies and TV shows that include the latest blockbusters.