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What You Need to Know About Alcohol on Airplanes?

After boarding the flight, your first thoughts may be to order an alcoholic drink or two to enjoy the flight or maybe calm your nerves. However, a recent study highlights that drinking alcohol when aboard before taking a nap could… Continue Reading →

Tips to Choose the Best Seats on an Airplane

Ever been on a long-haul flight cramped up in the airplane seat and had a terrible backache at the end of the day? We know how it feels, and it isn’t fun! While we love looking at First Class and… Continue Reading →

How Dangerous is Turbulence to Your Plane?

Ever hit a rough patch in the middle of your flight and think if you’re ever going to make it home safely? From casual bumps to major bruises, you might have seen a lot, especially if you’re a frequent flier…. Continue Reading →

Best Airlines with Amazing In-flight Entertainment

Long-haul flights or otherwise, it’s always great to catch up on some entertainment during the flight. It’s not only a great way to entertain the tiny tots, but parents can also catch up on some of their favourite TV shows…. Continue Reading →

European Airline Launched an Adults-Only Zone

Frequent flyers with tiny tots know the struggle of being on an aeroplane. At times, one may get stuck next to a screaming baby. These situations can be unpleasant and lead to inconvenience for fellow passengers. Addressing such challenges to… Continue Reading →

Hydrogen Powered Flight: The Future of Aviation

We are all aware that aviation jet fuel contributes to global warming just as much as greenhouse gas emissions, if not more. With air travel becoming the singular mode of efficient International transportation, the airline industry has come up with… Continue Reading →